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VASE : Funtional reviewed

6 August – 6 November 2016

“I have always loved the word VASE, its double pronunciation, and with it, its reference to place and class. Within the world of craft and design, this same small word is even more charged and divisive. It’s seldom found within contemporary ceramics, where the less functional word ‘vessel’ is almost always used. I wanted to curate an exhibition that would embrace the functional, examine its history and explore its boundaries.”

– Brian Kennedy, Curator

Korea NOW!

2016.02.20 - 2016.03.28

With jewelry, ceramics, furniture and objects made from paper, metal and textiles, the “Korea NOW! Korean Crafts & Design in Munich 2016” exhibition in the Bavarian National Museum celebrates the diversity of contemporary design in South Korea. The special quality and distinctive aesthetic of the exhibits stem from a unique craftsmanship fusing Korean traditions with innovative techniques. The integration of the passion of personal discovery with ancient roots of cultural commonality reveals the essence of contemporary “Korean aesthetic” – simplicity and nature, sensuality and beauty.


2016.01.28 - 2016.01.31

2016, artgenève will organize a second salon d'art at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco under the name of artmonte-carlo. Taking place in a refined atmosphere and on human scale, artgenève and artmonte-carlo are a true reflection of their area : pleasant and of international renown / Location : Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland / Booth number: B41, LVS Gallery & LVS Craft

2015 SOFA CHICAGO - Sculpture Objects Funtional Art + Design Fair

2015.11.05 - 2015.11.08

Festival Hall, Chicago, USA Los Angeles, USA



Presented by KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Korea Now

2015.09.19 - 2016.01.03

Musée des Arts décoratifs


Arts decoratifs will be showing the Korea now! Craft, Design, Fashion and Graphic Design in Korea exhibition. This major event will bring together more than 700 works of art by 150 artists, artisans, designers, fashion designers and graphic designers in almost all of the museum’s temporary exhibition spaces.

Cheongju INT'L Craft Biennale Crafts Fair

2015.09.15 - 2015.10.25

Cheongju INT'L Craft Biennale Organizing Committee, Korea



Presented by LVS Gallery

Intimacy & Crafts

2015.05.15 - 2015.05.31

MR KITLY Gallery, Sydney, Austrailia


Curated by Kenny Yong-soo Son


Intimacy & Crafts is an exhibition that looks at exploring a particular kind beauty in crafts, beauty that is often identified with use, the beauty of intimacy.  - Kenny Yong-soo Son

Collect 2015

2015.05.08 - 2015.05.11

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


For four days, the COLLECT fair brings some of the finest collectible craft from galleries across the world to London, displaying a line-up of museum-quality work from a roster of well-established artists alongside pieces from the craft world’s next generation of talent.

2014 SOFA CHICAGO - Sculpture Objects Funtional Art + Design Fair

2014.11.06 - 2014.11.09

Festival Hall, Chicago, USA Los Angeles, USA



Presented by KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation

기(器), 음(飮)을 담다

2014 .06.05 - 2014.06.28

LVS CRAFT, Seoul, Korea

온·기 溫技

2014.02.11 - 2014.03.09

Seoul Stantion, Seoul, Korea



Presented by LVS gallery

2014 Craft Trend Fair

2014.12.18 - 2014.12.21

Coex, Seoul, Korea /  Presented by LVS Gallery


지난 2006년부터 매년 12월 개최되고 있는 공예트렌드페어는 제10회를 맞이하여 한층 발전된 모습을 준비하고 있습니다.

공예트렌드페어는 국내 유일한 공예 전문 박람회로서, 도자, 금속, 섬유, 금속, 목칠, 유리 등 다양한 분야를 포괄하여 생활의 도구로서의 공예, 오브제로서의 공예, 누구나 향유할 수 있는 공예를 대중들에게 소개하기 위해 매년 많은 공예인과 기업, 단체들이 참여하고 있습니다.

Collect 2014

2014.05.09 - 2013.05.12

Saatchi Gallery, Lodon, UK


For its 11th edition, COLLECT 2014 once again presents a select offering of museum-quality works from the very best international artists in ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, wood, furniture, silver and fine metal work. Alongside its participant galleries, COLLECT continues to be at the centre of the ever-growing market for collectible contemporary objects, and has cemented its position as the best place to view and buy contemporary craft.

The Gift Collection

2013.12.17 - 2014.01.15

Gallery LVS & LVS Craft, Seoul, Korea


일공공작업실의 첫 번째, 선물전입니다.


with Deokho Kim, Jeongwon Lee, Inhwa Lee, Yunji Kim, Hyungjeong Ryu, Jiin Ahn, Joonho Lee

發芽 - Sprout

2013.11.07 - 2013.11.17

Gallery Rubi, Tokyo, Japan


Moment of Sprout Made by Fate

The 1st Dual Exhibition of Kim, Deokho and Lee, Inhwa opened in gallery RUBI in tokyo, Japan.


김덕호와 이인화의 첫번째 2인전이 Gallery Rubi에서 11월 7일 부터 11월 17일까지, 10일간 열립니다.

2013 SOFA CHICAGO - Sculpture Objects Funtional Art + Design Fair

2013.10.31 - 2013.11.04

Festival Hall, Chicago, USA Los Angeles, USA



Presented by KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation

White in White

2013.10.15 - 2013.11.24

JF Chen Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Angels and Curvatures

Contemporary Ceramics from Korea

새로운 과거 - The New Past

2013.10.11 - 2013.12.20

Seoul National University Museum, Seoul, Korea


서울대학교박물관과 미술대학 도예전공이 공동주관한 <새로운 과거 - 박물관과 현대 도자공예> 특별전에 여러분을 초대합니다.이번 특별전시에서는 박물관 소장유물과 함께 그 유물을 새로운 방식으로 재해석한 작품들이 전시됩니다. 기존 유물을 그대로 답습하거나 전통문양을 단순하게 차용하는 수준의 역사바라보기를 뛰어넘어, 과거와 조우하는 다양한 작품들을 만나보실 수 있습니다. 많은 관심과 격려를 부탁드립니다.

Cheongju INT'L Craft Biennale International Pavilion

2013.09.11 - 2013.10.20

Cheongju INT'L Craft Biennale Organizing Committee, Korea



Presented by LVS Gallery




일상의 품격

2013.09.04 - 2013.09.29

Add News Story hereMokkumto Gallery, Seoul

White on White

2013.07.01 - 2013.10.22

Durham University Oriental Museum, UK

Collect 2013

2013.05.10 - 2013.05.13

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK



Presented by LVS Gallery


2012.10.13 - 2012.11.09

Suhorom Gallery, Pusan, Korea


2012.02.17 - 2012.03.10

in Galerie Rosemarie Jager, Germany



Students and alumni of the ceramic class of the College of Fine Arts of the National University of Seoul with Prof. Kap-Sun Hwang and his wife Si-Sook Kang.

New Face 2013.01 - Rising Artists Exhibition 2013

2013.01.09 - 2013.01.21

YIDO Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2012.06.29 - 2012.11.18

Kap Sun Hwang is one of the leading modern porcelain designers. Owing to his studies in Europe and Asia, the Korean designer understands how to build bridges between Asia and Europe. Now, Kap Sun Hwang presents his student's best works at the museum at Castle Fürstenberg thereby furnishing evidence for the high quality knowledge transfer between Asia and Europe.

Arumjigi - Becoming One with Tea

2012.10.11 - 2012.10.31

Aumjigi Culture keepers Foundation, Seoul, Korea

White in white - The Second Eposode

2012.09.13 - 2012.09.27

LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Culture of Cup / Kultur des Trinkens

2011.09.07 - 2011.10.08

Galerie Handwerk, Munchen, Germany

1인 식기展

2012.06.15 - 2012.07.2

Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea

Internationale Handwerksmesse 2011

2011.06.15 - 2011.07.05

Handwerkskammer Fur Munchen und Oberbayern, Munchen, Germany

'잔' 2011

2011.03.16 - 2011.03.31

Lvs Craft, Seoul, Korea


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